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2015 A Failed Attempt to Finish a Thought Left in Mid-Air by Christopher Hitchens Abstract   PDF
David W Jardine
2017 A Hermeneutic Phenomenology: The Death of the Other Understood as Event Abstract   PDF
Harris B. Bechtol
2015 A Hermeneutics of Practice: Philosophical Hermeneutics and the Epistemology of Participation Abstract   PDF
J.R. Nicholas Davey
2017 And Coyote Howled: Listening to the Call of Interpretive Inquiry Abstract   PDF
Kate Melissa Beamer
2015 Batman and the Sticky-fingered Maiden: Psychology as an Interpretive Practice Abstract   PDF
Kirsten Klingle
2017 Changing the Shape of Sickle Cell Disease Treatment: A Hermeneutic Study of a Case that Changed a Family and a Medical Practice Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules, Catherine M Laing, Gregory Guilcher
2016 Compassion, Necessity, and the Pharmakon of the Health Humanities Abstract   PDF
Graham McCaffrey
2017 Conducting Hermeneutic Research in International Settings: Philosophical, Practical, and Ethical Considerations Abstract   PDF
Charlene A. VanLeeuwen, Linyuan Guo-Brennan, Lori E. Weeks
2014 Conducting Hermeneutic Research: The Address of the Topic Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules, Jim C. Field, Graham P. McCaffrey, Catherine M. Laing
2017 Deconstructing the Phenomenon of Apology Abstract   PDF
Amie Cameal Liddle
2013 Dementia Discourse: From Imposed Suffering to Knowing Other-Wise Abstract   PDF
Gail Joyce Mitchell, Sherry L Dupuis, Pia Kontos
2012 Dr. David Jardine and the "Descartes Lecture": Twenty Years of Miraculous Returns Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules
2015 Editorial: Aletheia - Remembering and Enlivening Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules
2015 Editorial: Catching Hermeneutics in the Act Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules, Graham McCaffrey
2016 Editorial: Following Good Leads Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules
2017 Education and the Formative Power of Hermeneutic Practice Abstract   PDF
J.R. Nicholas Davey
2016 Encountering the Great Problems in the Street: Enacting Hermeneutic Philosophy as Research in Practice Disciplines Abstract   PDF
Graham McCaffrey, Nancy J Moules
2012 Enlivening the Rhetoric of Family Nursing: "there, in the midst of things, his whole family listening" Abstract   PDF
Dianne M. Tapp, Nancy J. Moules
2012 From the "Science of Disease" to the "Understanding of Those Who Suffer": The Cultivation of an Interpretive Understanding of "Behaviour Problems" in Children Abstract   PDF
Christopher Matthew Gilham
2016 Gadamer on the Event of Art, the Other, and a Gesture Toward a Gadamerian Approach to Free Jazz Abstract   PDF
Cynthia R. Nielsen
2017 Grief and Hermeneutics: Archives of Lives and the Conflicted Character of Grief Abstract   PDF
Nancy J Moules
2016 Guest Editorial. "The more intense the practice, the more intense the demons": A Few Hermeneutic Caveats Abstract   PDF
David W Jardine
2013 Guest Editorial: Morning Thoughts on Application Abstract   PDF
David Jardine
2014 Guest Editorial: Old Dog. Same Trick Abstract   PDF
David Jardine
2016 Guest Editorial: Preface to "A Strange and Earnest Client" Part One of the Case of the Disappearing/Appearing Slow Learner: An Interpretive Mystery Abstract   PDF
W. John Williamson
2014 Guest Editorial: This is Why We Read. This is Why We Write Abstract   PDF
David W Jardine
2012 In Play, At Play Abstract   PDF
Catherine Mohrea Laing
2016 Intensive Care Unit Nursing: An Interpretable and Hermeneutic Practice Abstract   PDF
Giuliana Harvey, Dianne M Tapp, Nancy J Moules
2016 Invited Guest Editorial. Lives Worthy of Life: The Everyday Resistance of Disabled People Abstract   PDF
Nick Hodge
2016 Invited Guest Editorial: Just Saying: For H/heaven’s Sake… Here’s Hoping --- “All Hell Could Break Loose!” Abstract   PDF
Jim Paul
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